Planning and Advice

When planning your new kitchen obviously the measurements are very important. It is a straightforward process to create an accurate plan of the room, just follow our advice below or click to watch the video.

First print off the useful graph paper available on the button below then follow these steps:

  • Start in one corner of the room and working clockwise measure the distance in mm?s to the next obstacle such as a door, window or column, and measure the width of each of these obstacles too. Work your way around the room clockwise until you have a clear picture of all walls and obstacles.
  • When measuring the windows, take into account the window cill height; make sure this is noted on the survey.
  • Make a note of where the plumbing is currently located (such as under the window near the sink) and also any gas feeds that will be remaining or where you plan these to be.
  • Any obstables such as stopcocks, gas meters or boilers will also need measuring to ensure they can be housed or avoided as needed.
  • Finally measure the ceiling from the current finished floor level and mark it down in the box provided...don't forget to measure this in a few places and go with the lowest you get.

You can either bring your dimensions into the showroom for us to create a full CAD design, or we can do this remotely by sharing our desktop with you if you can fax or eMail them to us. Click on the button above that is right for you.

If you have any questions or require any help with your survey please call one of our technical team on 01628 606888 who will be more than happy to assist you.

Planning Sheet Button